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He worked there if there is no way, then the memory will have to alter.
Firmware has filled that found on the forum, the unit earned.

* * *

TV Sharp 21M-FG1U.

Service menu, RGB adjustment is there?
Ingredients: Chassis unit GA-4 processor IXB725WJN1, memory 24s08.
In the service menu by pressing the enter buttons V- / P +, holding,
Network enabled. There are three submenus, find everything you need for
"edits", but adjustments on RGB signals do not seek out.
Green weakened emissions and the level of "crushed." flashing
did not produce anything fresh tossed on kinescope - picture perfect. Where in this TV, this option?
For all Charpy years old in the service menu to find CUT-OFF / BKGD.
Then the remote control R, G, B buttons to change the cutoff 1-4,2-5,3-6,
and R, B gain buttons 7-F / B, 8-0. Who likes it on the band to do - press 9.


, no adjustments.

* * *

LCD SHARP LC-32ST1EA not know the composition (not yet open,
it makes no sense). Operates normally, but adjust
Nothing is impossible, since when you try to adjust the value to me right polshkaly.
With this brand was not working prakticheski.Kakoy item should be set in the service?
In the service by pressing P- V- and enters, but when there is
several items RESET, it is unclear to what related to that dump?
MENU when the user is not caused by burns in the corner
blue square with to perhaps what that mode of service
and televizorperiodicheski himself custom MENU
includes and starts flipping it. How to disable this mode?
By letter indicates that the unit is in service mode.
Out of service is the same as the input.
Output as input, the square is not cleaned, and found in one
of the messages that you want to include when Init
factory, then disable it here helped, all normalized.

* * *


entrance into the service menu, incorrectly responds to commands.
amyat24s04 microprocessor TDA9381PS \ N2 \ 1 \ 0542, p


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