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Chassis unit UA-1.
Log in to the service menu and the output is jumpering wire jumpers, under nazavaniyami 122 and 124.


* * *

TV Sharp 21E1-FRU. Login to the service.

Ingredients: M61260 microprocessor, IXA319, memory 24S08, personnel STV9302,
Evaporate on the image green on OSD -
existents, the entrance into the service menu I can not find anywhere else.
Jumper Jumper 304 - 307, they are found near the service connector, near the tuner.

* * *

TV Sharp 21K-FD5RU entrance into the service menu.

How to access the service TV Sharp 21K-FD5RU, processor IXB584W, need to fix the white balance after the change of the picture tube.
Installing the service mode.
1) push the SERVICE button on the service remote control to enter the service mode
2) Press the MENU button on the remote, it will reveal a submenu
Adjustment mode,
Check mode,
Setting mode,
Option mode
3) Push the button CH DOWN / UP button on the remote to select
4) Push the button VOLUME UP / DOWN button on the remote to modify the value. Wait for half a second to record the fresh value into memory before the election of the new value.
5) Check mode data are varied can not be
6) Push button again SERVICE on the service remote control to return to the standard mode
2. Factory settings
1) Connect the TV, push the button on the service remote SERVICE, at the same time push the CH UP and VOL UP, and hold for five seconds.
automatic initialization occurs when you install a fresh "clean" memory
2) Place the desired values, as stated above (part one)
3) Use this item only when you are convinced of the need to set the initial values, because All previous settings will be eliminated.
Carefully! After performing the initialization likely extremely high current beam!
Note: If you do not have a service console, then you can get, peremknuv jumpers 227 and 229.
They are located near the diode D804, underneath technological slot exists.


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