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TV Sharp 21K-FD1SA

service mode.
Processor, video processor IX525 WJ, memory 24L08.
MP STRW6553, CPU + IF + Chroma + Video- IX525WJ planar 80 feet, the sound AN17820, memory SMD 24L08,
Look for a slot on the motherboard and two kontaktika both sides. When the contacts are bridged to connect the AC button. Points 227.229.


, remove the protection of children.
Service menu: - De-energize the unit. Push and holding panel VOL- and PROG + connect to the network. Buttons held until the launch of the line. There raster with the channel number. Press MENU - TV fit for service. Has no one submenu. Translation between sub - button MENU. The selection and modification, as usual, and PROG VOL. Exit - in the duty room.


, microprocessor IXB725WJN1, enter into service.
Memory 24S08 chassis can not write, if you believe the inscriptions, then D746, is required, the Service menu.
After rewriting the firmware in the service menu is entered through a vol - and + p, connect the AC button and menu after the appearance of raster data previously on the team are not paying attention.


Panel SHARP, processor - PHILIPS (NXP, TDA15134), requires the input of the service menu.
On the remote control, press MENU.
Х The TV Menu screen displays.
2. Enter the PIN code "1147".
Х Using the number keypad, press 1, then 1, then 4, and then 7. (Each button in the sequence must be pressed
immediately after the button before it or the television will not recognize the entry code.
On the remote control, push button MENU.
Х The TV screen is reflected menu.
2. Start the PIN-code "1147".
Х Using the numeric keypad, push 1, then 1, then 4, and 7. Each track button in the sequence required to be. pressured immediately after pressing the button in front of it, or television will not accept the introduction of the code.

videodvoyki Sharp VT-2148M

Login to the service menu.


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