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Ingredients: chassis - VP6
processor - IX2994CE 136
video processor - TV1226DN
remote - G1336SA
Need some adjustment after changing the tube.
On the chassis did not find any jumpers, dots, buttons, etc.
Forward button on the TV pressed all incredible combination.
Remote revealed - no hidden buttons.
Try it from the chassis: VP-2, model VT-2128M. In standby mode, hold the CH ^ at least two seconds. Simultaneously push the button POWER.
Well, right away.
True, complementing for greater clarity. Mode transition buttons CH + and CH-
and change the settings Vol + and Vol-. All these buttons are on the front
the TV. Switch and turn to the remote to do, but the entrance to the service menu
only the buttons on the unit. Exit from the service menu - tripping TV.

* * *


, the entrance to the service menu.

Changed TDKS and microprocessor MS44002, you need to adjust the value of the vertical. On the Internet, found the following:
Exhibitor from standby, and press a button on the remote control in the following sequence: CH UP in the course of two or more seconds, push the button and synchronously POWER. Exit Menu - Pressing the button MENU.
As I have learned, CH UP button is software +. Which form a single button push will follow in sequence? If the POWER button to press in conjunction with any other button, the TV does not get out of the duty room, he will react to it, if you push one.
Put the unit in standby mode.
Push the CH UP in the course of two or more seconds, and at the same time push the button POWER: only two options - the first on the remote, the second on the TV and on the contrary, this device as settling once the service menu, I remember, got (probably also with mats).
On the unit, except the AC button is available and Standby. All right, is disabled in the duty room, shrugging CH + more than two seconds and StandbY directly on TV.

* * *

TV SCHNEIDER, chassis TV-1003.C

- entry into service.
TV SCHNEIDER Scenaro 29M431, chassis TV-1003.C-


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