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5. Jumper pull.
The choice between the options implemented buttons switch programs.
Transformation of data is implemented buttons modification
Standby button on the remote is used to store the modifications.

sharp 3

Turn off the TV to exit the service.

* * *


. Delete key:
The first method - simultaneously on the remote (VOL-) button on the TV and a key
The second method - the method of uncivilized ... synchronously push button
sound minus and plus program, the TV is on in the service
Canal Plus to reach the NVM memory, then the sound plus
4D to cell and change it to 00.

* * *

TV Sharp 54FT-16S

, unknown chassis lowercase
similar to 5BS-A chassis.
CPU - SDA5254-2_B001 IF & Video - TDA8840H & 24C041 ,.
Entering the service accidentally found while picking up a TV code
Choose a code on a Mac - 1156 and we press the button [- / -], the output - it
well, everything ...
For ordinary use, the code came up well - in 1215.

* * *

CA-1 chassis

. Holding the button (CH +) and (VOL-)
turn on the TV machine tumbler network. yield:
(MENU) key .Udalenie: Option N1
1. Connect the TV.
2. davim VOL- button on the TV and the "key" on the remote control.
3. we press the MENU key on the remote control.
4. The position is elected with a "key" symbol
5. Again we press MENU.
6. Put the new PIN or PIN liberate from all programs.
7. we press EXIT
option N2
1. breaks the Tools menu.
2. Turned over to 4D addresses
3 Put this at 00 (push-button (1))
option N3
Davim 1. On the Tools menu.
2. Turned over to the address:
__4E - 1 digit PIN
__4F - 2 digit PIN
__50 - 3 digit PIN
__51 - 4 digit PIN
Remember the PIN.
Get out of the service, and the menu key is entered, make changes
Alexander, Hello, got the code and removed the only address 5C --dva zero

  • Other options tried.

* * *

CA-10 Chassis

. Holding the button (CH +) and (VOL-)


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