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includes two hexadecimal digits. Each of these numbers
a binary code of four bits as in the example below.
Hex code A 5
Binary code 1010 0101
Button on the remote Bit 7654 3210
In the example given above, the hex code - A5, binary
1010 0101. The remote control button to toggle each bit on or off
(1 or
a = 0) is shown below the binary code. Therefore to change this to
A6, remote
control buttons 1, then 0 would have to be pressed.

* * *



Regulation of this model is possible in two different ways:
or via
I2C memory in a conventional analog method. adjustment through
I2C memory
include only the specified items and variable data.
1. Regulation of the service menu microprocessor.
1 Produce a short circuit JA373 and JA374, take
service menu.
(Regulation of memory via I2C). (Use the key JWS, to
set as well).
Jam 2 CH + button on the remote to get ready to choose
adjust one by one.
3 Press down, CH - button on the remote to select the ways back
one after another.
4 Use the volume + button on the remote, the data can be changed.
5, when a short circuit between the JA373 and JA374 is disabled, it
will exit
service menu.
2. The factory preset.
1 Make a short circuit JA373 and JA374 and include the main
the power switch. The initial values
automatically assigned only when using a new EEPROM
(Judge with the first 4
2 initial data given, as listed in the page.
3 Make sure that the data should be changed or not (Initial
Note: Once the chassis was assembled and ready to join
The first time, make sure to make a short circuit
JA373 and JA374, to switch to
service menu first, and then turn on the power switch.
(See. 2-1 above).
Caution: If this did not initiate, it may,
may produce excessive ABL.


User Data in Service Mode Option
• While SERVICE MODE 1 on, EEPROM DATA will switch to the service
Also, once press the menu button at the remote controller, EEPROM
will switch


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