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16. F-TRAP HIGH (LOW) -?
where x - the parameter number of the TV particular, the number of second
max adjustment, example: "HCENT50
5/15 ".

* * *

SP-42M Chassis

. The board machine switch
set the position of the service mode.
To display on-screen modes alternately press the S-MODE key
on the remote control.

* * *

SP-51 chassis. SHARP 14 \ 21 JN1

: When the input
37 during the three periods of neighboring stands in the state level
high, invoked the service menu.

* * *

SP70 chassis. SHARP: 14 / 2UIM; 14R-SC

. (Enter
S1006 in the service mode position.) Put the jumper promezhdu
+ 5Vi pin. 37 MK or service switch is switched,
on the board near the selector switch SERV.
Select by
CH V parameter.
+ VOL buttons to change the parameter value -.
Parameters stored in the memory automatically.
To exit the service must switch the TV
Standby mode.
To adjust the white balance elect RGB CUT mode.
Implement adjustment buttons on the remote:
1 - increasing the black level R; 4 - lowering the black level R; 2

  • Increasing the black level G;

5 - lowering the black level G; 3 - Strengthening the ink levels;
6 - reducing the level of ink in;
7 - the growth of the amplitude R; S - reduction of the amplitude of the R;
8 - the rise in amplitude; About - lowering amplitude V.

* * *

SP70Shassi. SHARP: 14 / 2UIM; 14R-SC.

(Enter the S1006 switch mode service.)
Establish between shorty
bus + 5V and the leg 37 MK or service switch translations,
placed next to the board
selector in position SERV.
Elect buttons CH V parameter.
Change the buttons + VOL - the parameter value.
Parameters are recorded automatically in the memory.
To exit the service need TV to standby
For white balance adjustment mode is selected RGB CUT.
Perform remote adjustment buttons:
1 - increase the black level R;
2 - increasing the black level G;
3 - In the multiplication of the black level;


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