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4BSA Chassis

. To get into the service mode, you must
a VIDEO block merge terminals (2) and (6). (Jumper pin 5
processor to ground through a resistance of 100 ohms) Then
MODE button on the remote control. -SERV- Message appears. then
remove. The choice of adjustment CH- and CH +.

sharp 1

* * *

4BSB Chassis

. Holding the button (CH +) and (VOL-)
on the TV, turn on the TV network tumbler.
Yield: (MENU).

* * *

4BSC Chassis

. To get into the service mode, you must
at block VIDEO combine terminals (2) and (6) Yield: POWER OFF

sharp 2

* * *

5BS Chassis

. Holding the button (VOL-) and (CH +)
On TV panel, the unit with the switch network. Yield: (MODE)

* * *

5BSA chassis. SHARP 37 AM 12

. Crush everything in sync
four buttons on the front panel and the power supply is connected.
Select using the CH V parameter.
Changes its buttons VOL V parameter.
The parameter is stored automatically.
Holding the button (CH +) and (VOL-) on the TV,
TV network and with the switch.
Yield: (MENU).

* * *

5BSA chassis. SHARP 54AT-15SC

. To enter the
you need to press a sequence of buttons next to the console.
OFF, then synchronously CH + or VOL- on the unit.
After that POWER ON and hold CH + or VOL-, yet will not start

* * *

BCTV-A Chassis

. Place a jumper between terminal
(SV) and terminal 2 (housing), placed on board the TV signal.
TV and remove the jumper. Output: Set the jumper. OFF TV.
Reset jumper.

* * *

chassis BCTVA
DV5932H, 66AS06H, DV5937H, DV5935H and DV6635H
1. Connect the antenna to the TV.
2. Adjust the signal.
3. Combine the jumper point 6 (Service) and 2 (GND) connector
4. On the screen will appear a menu service.


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