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manufacture, chassis FPC 2002.2, Processor TDA 9350PS / N2 / 2/0771 CB
6003 K2K297 Swing 01.2.
Entering the service menu: disp (on TV) + power (at
the remote control).
the first option, all the standards are set, but the SECAM
no really. DK with the change of the IF filter, I put in an option 03
(PAL DK PAL BG) and transcoder.

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TV Skyworth Model: 32L98SW.

8M10 chassis. Processor - MST9U19AL-LF, FLASH - 25X40VNI, DDR -
NT5DS8M16FS-5 memory - 24C64AN, sound - TDA2616.
Enter the service mode:
1.Ubratgromkost panel to zero, hold, on the remote
press the display.
2.peredvizhenie pages on the Menu.
3.Pri pressing on "snake" (circular arrow) to yield AGING

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TV Sitronics STV2132f and AVEST 54TTS-03,

processor HISENSE 8821CPNG4UD4
Entering the service menu:
1.nabiraetsya 30 channel
2. recruited 88 channel
3. volume is set to minimum
4. Turns mute. We go to the M pattern

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TV SITRONICS STC2901F, chassis CTV100.

Ingredients: processor STV3500; audio processor STV8216; block
Supply 1207P + 10NK80Z; kadrovayaTDA8177; C9505.
Log in to the service menu: Entered the service still by bridging
25 and 12 feet. Hold for 2-3 seconds. The output is the same.
Joining once the menu adjustments geometry, did not understand himself as
White Balans switched mode, which I needed. must
foliage was removed.

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Ingredients: protsessorTDA9384PS / N2 / 31; Frame Scan TDA8351; power module 5Q1265RF; TDKS BSC30-N2544;
Disassembled again remote and yet found of the button hidden in this case, the Service menu was so.
Sound is delivered by zero, then MUTE, and further hidden button located under the button STANDBY. Be obliged letter M. Browse button MENU.

Memorize: button CANCEL, it is also the way out of the service menu, if push it some other time.

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TV SITRONICS LCD-2070 (microprocessor STV3550B), entrance to the service menu.

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