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When manufacturers make pult- surrogate, they just cloned button for button. Since when were they to know that in the native console additionally provides synchronous squeezing the red and blue buttons.

If there is no native remote, then inquire diligently every console standard RC-5, which has two separate buttons "connected text" (ie TEXT) and "disable the text" (ie, TV).
Synchronized squeezing the red and blue buttons on the remote native Shneyderovskom shows a similar code as a button "to turn off the text" (ie TV) at a distance of RC-5.

For TV Shneider TV-100-70224 (TV9 chassis):
on OEM remote synchronous blue and red buttons, then synchronously program- and VOLUME + on the TV.

For Shneider TV-100-70224E, TV-100-70224P (DTV100 chassis):
on OEM remote synchronous blue and red buttons on both program- and PROGRAM + on the TV.
Everything came out. Took MAK2002, started code 1021 - the first of Phillips, then search for a code ... further on the local keyboard P + and P-.

* * *

The service mode of TV SIEMENS FS227

How to get into the service mode of TV SIEMENS FS227 V6
CS 9106 A 29701.
Holding the button P / C, connect the network button. There are three lines - Hotel (Volume), OSD Position and HP programmer.

* * *

Entering the service of TV

Silva Scheider STV28B

Login required service menu Silva Scheider STV28B. Processor ST92T195D7B1, memory 24C08, video processor STV2248H, TDA16846 etc. On the chassis painted inscription: DIZGI 02TA058L, TV76C2-1M. Remote I RC213. TV has a DVD.
Log into the service menu for the chassis PT90:
1. get into MENU
2. get into the FEATURES MENU
3. Adopt a code of 1923.

* * *

TV Silver Crest CT 2814A, chassis 11AK53

, climb to a service.
Vaporize our sound. On the menu was only BG.
Enter the main menu, and enter the code 4725.
What is curious - enter received only mode AV. And I just felt when watching TV channels, well and hesitated.

* * *

Bar Sitronics STC-1409N

, entering the service mode.

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