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Exit the service menu, remembering varied by directives executed button «MENU» remote.
On the remote control do not notice «STATUS», and «AV / TV», two separate buttons. Customer declares with acquired.
Native remote or not, if not native, who shall it be? This command performs all user.
Volocha- Service Control no.
Alteration Remote control supported Bp-6 c ic SC3010C. When pressed simultaneously in two additional buttons of the operating mode.
Control suitable for Vestel, FALCON .BORK. PHILIPS. Before that I was already on this remote button with 1 and 11 of the conclusions, the Service menu LG.

* * *

TV LCD Skyworth model: 32L98SW. Entry into service.

Chassis: 8M10, Processor - MST9U19AL-LF, DDR - NT5DS8M16FS-5, FLASH - 25X40VNI,
memory - 24C64AN, sound - TDA2616,
Missing SECAM.


Entry into service:
1.gromkost 0s on the panel, holding it, press the button on the display.
2. the pages move the Menu.
3.Pri pressing on "snake" (circular arrow) in AGING MODE output.

* * *

TV Siemens FS343 V6, the Service menu.

processor XC68HC11F1B4
Memory Sticker CUC6360
Log in to the service menu, of course, as in Grundy, though here the code consists of three digits, so 8500 is not a ride.
The unit is already operating, it remains only a balance tinker. Code 089.

* * *

* * *

FALCON 51.37, TTS6151 54, 6150, 6155

. Z9023306PSC
Entry into service: On the TV connected with the remote push

* * *


. Entry into service: At
TV on
push from the console (DISPLAY) (MUTE) (SLEEP) (FUZZU)

* * *

TV Sokol 54TTS 7364, the Service menu.

S-2043 chassis. Ingredients: CPU NTDA9381C37NB, memory 24s08,
tuner TCL79107D. No adjustment to the SCM. Food tuner in order.
Throws up a similar tuner and memory clean - no avail.
Tried to enter service: input, then menu, then mute, then

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