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Dissected control required button from the left on the bottom row.
Only poorly understood,
how to get customers in the service, not revealing anything.

* * *


M4, video - LA 76810A,
For entry into service in the remote home button solder between 2 and 16
ms. We press the button the 1st time - on the screen: FACTORY; Davim 2nd time -
B / W ADJUST (Mode Adjust the picture tube); Davim 3rd time -
ADJUST (geometry)
then click on d.u.- ZOOM - installation options.

* * *

TV SHIVAKI STV-2122 multi,

LC863320A-5N17, memory EEPROM 24C04, video processor LA76810,
Sound chip LA7642N, remote control STV-2122 multi
(chip M61340-20).
The fault is the same: "... the microprocessor LC863320A,
fault - from DR is not included. Defective 24C04 EEPROM.
When changing to a clean, turn on the TV, and has appeared on
screen saver content of the following: a boy with a fish on
hands (or the same manufacturer's logo is derived from the 12 characters) ... "
Headband in the OPTION menu cleaned, line CUSTOM LOGO - 0, translated into

  • 1

Entering the service menu came up: MENU, again MENU,
then Q.VIEW, and finally MUTE. Page navigation menu -
SLEEP. Log out of service - MENU.

* * *

TV SHIVAKI STV-1585 - (8851CPNG6EG1),

Setup options for remote control and tuner. Chassis - PAEX0048E,
CPU - 8851CPNG6EG1 VER, UPS - transistor tuner -
ET-5V1E-CV200K, IC KR - LA78040.

With the memory of net tv normally starts. Options geometry and color
I'm from your console rules TV-29B24 from the TV model POLAR
included in the service: "gromkost-" together with the "DISPLAY", then
"DISPLAY", "gromkost-" and "DISPLAY" = mode D.
The processor initializes the memory clean under the console in default.
Options are set CUSL 0Eh, CUSH 0Eh. Search by rom
with other devices on the processor was able to find options
under native control RC-815. This option CUSL 08, CUSH F7.
Analog tuner worth, my TV menu with the search frequency bought,

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