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Ch + - on the face and remote. Apparently some bytes in the firmware
change is necessary. Heal pouring from ERISSON 1401-2 firmware.
Entering the service menu: Volume set to zero,
then on the panel on the volume - and at the same time display (console).
Adjust the vertical size - parameter HIT

* * *


LC863332A video processor - LA 76810A.
Log into the service menu in the remote home button between the solder
2 ms and 16 feet. Click the button for the first time - on the screen: FACTORY;
press a second time - on the screen B / W ADJUST (adjustment modes
tube); third time - ADJUST (geometry), then click on
remote - ZOOM - installation options.

* * *


Control Processor
TDA15063H / N1B00.
Enter the service mode: volume to remove 0.Sinhronno MUTE
press the + button on the TV MEHU.

* * *

TV Shivaki STV-1585, TD003M chassis, entry into service.

Ingredients: pct .: TMPA8891CRCNG7D11, line: TT2140 + T9xx0133F-R (TF10-08-05),
Memory: 24C16, HR: LA78040B, TPI: BCK-EC40-01 (A-TXXX0028D), BP: 2SC4458,
sound: TDA1030,
Log in to the service menu: "MENU", and code 6483. Seem inscription "FACTORY".
Push the button on the "DISP" (rectangle with a plus).
On page F2 bottom line "PAGE" to put in a "1" to access other pages F3-F9.
Log out of service - red button remote.

* * *

TV Shivaki STV2995, PAEX0186B chassis, enter the service menu.

Ingredients: microprocessor TMPA8897CPBNG6PN9, memory M24CO8,
Went into the service menu of the TV. Raster to three cm narrowed without question.

In the service menu next entry - 1) when connecting
operatively TV shake "-Vol" on the face
TV and "Disp" button on the remote once.
(previously while the volume decreases to zero.)

* * *

How to get into the service mode Shivaki STV 2059

How to access the service menu Shivaki STV in 2059 with the native console?
Processor ST92195B5B1 / EUI
Videorotsessor STV2246

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