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memory 24CO8
Perhaps there is a refinement panel.
Cutting control. There has magic button.

* * *

TV SHIVAKI STV-2189, the entrance into the service menu.

Ingredients: CPU TMPA8851CPNG6EG1, memory M24S16 tuner - UVL7605VCA, TDKS - BSC25-N1014D-R, HOT.
It did not happen to find native TDKS.
Install another. Strochnik CJ28268-00AJ1.
The unit earned, but increased size horizontally and vertically.
Who know how to go to the service, the search found nothing.
Returned to their native place Conder.
Log in to the service menu, maybe someone else will need:
Turn down the volume (push Vol-) on the unit to 00 and, holding it, push the button Display (box C +) on the remote.
There S (short menu), to enter the service mode is not abridged need Mode S Push and release the button, the display panel, then push the button V- TV and, holding it, again to press the display. There D mode.
Use the AV / TV is overkill test fields - green, blue, red, black, white, black cross, black square, white cross, black mesh, white mesh, etc. initially to 50Hz, then to 60Hz.
Quit the service menu and click sleep.
Change the value of VP50, HIT, HPOS, HPS for the right size horizontally and vertically.
It took a little pick Capacitors S412 - size horizontally.

TV SHIVAKI STV-2979, service.

Ingredients: CPU TCL M17V, video processor TB1240.
Volume set to 0. Push Simultaneity -Vol Panel and Display button on the remote, and let go, then again push the two together, and so on until in the left corner of the screen glows D (three times was enough for me).

* * *


, the service menu.

processor SDA5522.
SDA5522a003 and video processor NN5198K. And the name of the chassis is not tracked.
He chassis: H-704V. Try, in the operating mode, press the - DISP, then MUTE, then SLEEP, then FUZZY, and finally, DISP.

* * *

* * *

* * *


, DK no sound.
Ingredients: TV9 chassis.
Customer menu and ponazhimat got something, some buttons and sound

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