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in DK disappeared. Now when you log into the service menu settings
only BG sound. If anyone knows how to get and how
DK is a sound option. Sound BG and has a low frequency too.
To connect 6.5 sound you need to solder SFE 6,5 parallel
SFE 5,5, and in the service menu to set the value 01 at 0E20.

* * *

Unit Schneider scenaro 28H021

, upset geometry OSD.

The phone was initially upset raster geometry, after the change of high capacitances in the chain memory chips and transistor STR marker recovered, however, remained a problem with vyvodeniem OSD.
The information put out to the screen, very moved to the left.
One must get into the service mode for the strong adjustment. Chassis unit TV18, formulaic way of entering the service mode for the chassis TV17 comes out. If anyone know how to get into the service menu of the chassis, tell us how to do this.
The microprocessor in the TV: VCT3834A C4.
Press menu, then mute and red button, then exit.

* * *

TV Schneider, model STV5290PIP

, PT90 chassis - the entrance to the service menu.

Processor ST92T195D7B1, video processor STV2246. To configure the necessary correction service or code 4725, no other type of 1975, 1923, 1675, 8500 did not do,
Model STV5290PIP, turns chassis Profilo -Telra PT92 or PT90, just from the time of issue.
On a piece of paper on the back cover has to be a long room, and there in the form seredke chassis written PT90 or PT92, say,

Enter the service menu for the chassis PT90:
1. get into MENU
2. get into the FEATURES MENU
3. Adopt a code of 1923

Enter the service menu for the chassis PT92:
Push "SUB-PAGE" at a distance and in the same time, "Nat" on the front of the TV.

* * *

TV Schneider TV18

, enter the service?

TV Shneider scenaro model 28M011, TV18 chassis. The microprocessor in the Schneider VCT3834A-C4 (Micronas). Tell us how to get into the service menu to correct the geometry.
In the service menu squeezed IAC code 1041, the combination of login -menu, then mute, then the red button, and finally, exit.

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