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5. Switch menu pages - the Digital Direct program choice (0-9 - the first time managed to get only 0-7 submenu - then memory clean postavil- maybe she is and need ??) or the MUTE - then fall into submenu
F1 - F15 can.
6. Exit the s / m - by press DISP.

Attention - in the service menu has a submenu option F8 "nasty" - choose the type of remote control - remote control under specified it 4 ravna- it does not change (return the keyboard buttons can be local, in this submenu being)!

With memory clean after initialization starts - all good, but not Secam and UHF reception (select the type of tuner and IF in the service menu).

* * *

Entering the service menu for

Sony TV remote control RM-932.

Remote RM-932 - can be done without dismantling service. For this:
1.nadavit button VCR / TV / DVD, to lit LED TV
2. Press and hold down the yellow about 5 seconds until the TV does not blink
3. Dial 99999. All three LEDs light up. Remote service has become.
4. To return to the normal mode it is necessary to do steps 1 and 2, and enter 00000.
To call the service menu, it is necessary to press twice video standby.
Good Luck. Just do not napartachte there anything if some items do not understand, do not touch better. In general, better to turn in SC SONY closest.

* * *

TV and DVD SONY SP-118D.

Enter the service mode:
1 In the disabled state (on / off - set to off) click the button and stick "MENU".
2 switch (on / off) is set to on, ie. connect.
3 three seconds the screen will be dark and then light up and you are in the service menu !! Can "MENU" button to let go.
PS: if the screen rotation function is necessary to include? Then in the "LOGO" and sign next to 'turn over' to 0, change to 1! (Now after leaving the menu simple you will turn over the function (the screen rotate as you!).
Get off at the beginning of the service menu, pressing the button "MENU"!
Turn off the TV & DVD-- to OFF vyklyuchatel.Teper connect and get drunk!
You can also include: a different menu; select SEKAM, PAL, color balance, image size and others! Only carefully !!


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