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Came to repair the TV type SONY. The board chassis does not exist on the back cover and composes MODEL- NEW.
composition: PSU. STRW6556A, processor TMPA8897CSCNG7A15, Manpower LA78040, VLF. AN17821, MUSIC. C5296, Tuner. ET-5EE-K06, 21-inch CRT SLIM,
TDKS. BSC27-T1051A, like remote (one in one housing WH-54), but it is not.
Enter the service mode: volume to 0 on the panel (hold) +
DISP we press on the remote.

* * *

TV Sony KDL-32L4000.

Composition: NEX chassis.
Not included in the service menu in sequence then Left, Right then, Mute then, Center then, Mute and
Menu mode user (remote RM-ED014).
In the power on, press sequentially display, then 5, then vol +, and a button to power on. Yes, not from the duty room, this model is a sequence of operation input (included power on) state.

* * *

TV Sony KV-BZ216M80

Ingredients: microprocessor TDA 12158H / n2 / planar, sound AN 17808A, personnel STV9302B, Memory 24s16 smd, BP STRF6267.
Common way to the service does not include: a button i, then 5, then vol +, then TV tried too: i, then 5, then vol-, then TV, even i, then 5, then vol +, then power, does not work, what else other combinations (all attempts carried out in stndby mode)


* * *


AE-6B chassis.
Ingredients: AE-6B chassis, memory 24S16 processor SAA5665HL / M1 / 1402.
After the change of M lost function "picture in picture". When you log into the service menu is noticeable that this feature is disabled (PIP inscription green).
How do I activate it? Or help with service-manuals. Looking there is one link, but it was not disclosed. With the old memory module in the open, this function works, but upset turn horizontally.
If the service menu to adjust it (DAC - ROT. COIL). When you turn off the TV and turn on the secondary processor registers again the old value. By the way, it's done, and with a fresh memory. Bottom line is the same.


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