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In the service menu, I did not find how to activate PIP. And the tilt function, and in the old unit and the new in the modification of parameters is not recorded.
I believe that this is some kind of firmware factory and they are specifically written: model-processor memory.
As you enter the service menu and the screen you see two letters vols. Rack up 59 from the control and peep will be activated. in the service manual has all the same.

* * *

TV Sony KV-SW252M91 chassis BX1L - enter the service menu.

must ponazhimat [DISPLAY] 5 [VOL +] and then [POWER], the screen is required to portray a picture TT-, Sign in options and change the setting.
OPT1 69
OPT2 12
OPT3 1
OPT4 65
OPT5 79
OPT6 1
However, it is necessary to go from standby!

* * *

TV Sony KV-25M1K chassis BE-3B

how to connect the teletext.
Ingredients: processor CXP85340A, memory 24E32, video processor TDA8366H, Tuner BTP-EC411. Appeared to be trouble is not connected. After welds frame chip TV to work, but there is no DK, broken geometry, no teletext (flew firmware).
Geometry, DK (DK pro all know) corrected, but with teletext, slowed down, so people need help (I have these TVs prodernul in their practice, so, please do not kick too).
With a neat memory is not connected at all, tried to exchanger firmware, everything works, no teletext So, just dig in the options, but where?
According to the manual has had a sort of test mode 2, as it please?
More precisely with the translation (it is possible to go, twice pushing the button "TEST" on the screen there inscription OSD "TT" What button?
models with teletext branded bukovkoy T. For this chassis is: KV-25T1A / B and so on. Model M can not have ... The teletext decoder chip on the motherboard A TELETEXT - IC1002: CF70200FN.
Consequently, so the board ICs A total composition.
IC401 A / V SW CXA1855Q
IC303 SECAM decoder
IC1003 RGB SW MC14053BF
IC001 microcontroller CXP85340A


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