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2. TV version - means that the performance of this Order is replaced by an improved version of the machine.
3. Part number for ordering memory, it is desirable to take from the table shown, as in the separate service manuals (KV-B25 / 2921K, KVX25 / 2971K, KV-28WS3K) it is incorrect.
4. The test command to connect to the Russian character generator teletext service manual KV-28WS3R, KV-S2951KR, KV-32WS3R specified incorrectly - instead of TT31 be applied TT89.

* * *

TV SONY kv2199xfj, no DK.

TV Sony KV 2199xfj, BG-3S chassis, processor skhr86449 changed in the service menu options, but how to save settings? After turning off the options are old. Please tell me how?
Save [MUTING], then 0.

* * *

TV SONY, chassis AE1B

, as a normalization remember?
Changed the memory, now you must enter the value normalization. In my opinion, such manipulation on lokalke, but somehow it does not come out.
I chassis AE-1C. Now before the muzzle. Processor slightly different, SDA20560, but the meaning should be the same ...
Turning off the power button of the operating mode. On the front panel, push and holding at the same time, the +/- buttons to connect to the network. In the corner is obliged to shine S. Set image as needed and presses on the remote diamond. Letter S goes out.


. How to enter the service.
Remote home RM947.
Enter the service menu: Push Display, then 5, then Vol +, and finally, Power. Exit: Power.

Log into the service menu of the device Sony KV-BZ21M40

In standby mode, it is necessary to press the buttons in sequence: i (+), 5, vol +, power.
The service menu


TV SONY KV-AW21P52, Arabic version, there is no sound D / K, the microprocessor
TDA 12060, similar to the SONY KV-BZ212M81, remote RM-GA002, similar in
SONY KV-AW21M81. Chassis unfamiliar. Color is.
Chassis BX1S.
Controlled SAW two pieces K7257, K9652 (multi)
In the service menu entered. Buttons STANDBY, then +, then 5, press the volume +, and finally, Power.


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