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to get into the service menu SONY KV-J21MF1?

Microprocessor SXP85220A.
Press STBY, then DISPLAY, then 5, then VOL +, and finally POWER, is obliged to operate (no TV, and, specifically, POWER).

TV Sony KV - X2901K, BE-3B chassis.

Missing reception of several programs at the beginning of the first range!
It turns out there is a service?
"Often, the defect occurs when the hostess, wiping the TV screen, shuranula damp cloth on the M button on the front panel, discharge any static electricity on it, which appeared in contact with CRT. In this case, you can try to restore the lost bits.
What is bridged on the weight of the board and the ninth pin of the connector CN001, and the remote control will issue a service team on a photodetector, "5", then "- / -", then "59", then Power, on Display, then "5" on + Vol, now TV, and finally the "49", it overwrites the memory at the original factory settings.
Turning off the TV, remove the jumper and control, whether the defect is gone.
If the defect is gone, the sound system for the restoration of DK, which is not available in the original version, but certainly provide the following command: "1", then Power, on Display, then "5", then + Vol, then "TV , and finally" 27 ".
Variation with TT-27 is easier, because do not need to put anything in addition to the language after that. After Display, then "5", then + Vol, then TV, and finally "49" - and balance, and geometry may have to.

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, how to get into the service.

Chassis unit SCC-Q82L-A
Tried both the chassis AE6V, the programmed remote, does not go out, I have the remote RM-943, a few stand out four LEDs VCR.TV.DVD.AVX. instead of three as in the RM-938.
Tried various combinations, found how to program the remote to the service, perhaps it is useful.
1. Stick to 5 seconds left button (TV, DVD, VCR, AUX), will blink until two svetodiodika - VCR and DVD.
2. Set up the code 99999, in the testimony of the input light up LED TV.


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