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3. we press the button (AUX / VIDEO) twice, there is an icon TT.
4. MENU button and we in the service mode.
Reset oshibochek - code 80 to the programmed control mode the user gets up these operations in the same way, the truth, instead of nines we start code 00000.

* * *

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- chassis - is unknown.
The board TH 29PNL-A.PCB. The processor on the label:
TDA9381C312A 21JUN05. MEMORY - 24C08A. ULF - AN17821A.
Manpower - LA78041. TUNER GDC ET-5S1E-EV100K.TDKS -
E18C29-T1123B 04010627010 № M05-06.21.
Entering the service menu: button "MENU", then
code 8,5,0,0, search menu buttons from 0 to 9. Exit: Duty
mode - press 2 times.

* * *


, the input signal is blocked by an external source.
Composition: TOUSDA TH21-Z3 chassis structure: CPU TDA9381PS / N3 / 3,
24C08 memory, sound AN 17823A, food D1710S, CW 7808,
lowercase D1651, FBT TDKS BSC24-01N4014K, personnel LA78040, remote StartR81.
A child playing with remote control, AV input signal is blocked.
When pressed a button on the remote with the acronym of the castle,
on the TV screen prompting you to enter the number of 4-digit. at
institution of the fourth digit is reset everything. entering
in the service menu through 8500, a position for unlocking
No, there is only the external configuration of the inputs. Security code
children from 4100 to IC TDA9381 (C38ND) does not work
too. External video signal to the chip TDA9381PS / N3 / 3 comes.
How to turn off the lock?
Kitaёzny entry into service 8500 fires, but nothing
in any menu is not about how to LOCK and remove it. If
giving to AV signal, and when the unit is on the remote
Push the button with the abbreviation of the castle, on the screen
Unit 4 dashes appear. It is understood,
need 4-digit number to enter. Tried out various options,
- No result. Everything is reset when entering the 4th digit.
When pressed on the remote control AV button mode is displayed
on the screen but does not pass the external signal. checked


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