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oscilloscope, he comes to the TDA9381, then - a dead end.
Chip input switching is not on board, switching to
TDA9381 directly. The ban does not strike sharply video. Simply, if
in any mode, even though AB, though TV push button on the remote
with a lock on the unit's display 4 bars appear.
The castle you should not be. This submenu lock (LOCK) -
it works well. Whenever it is activated the first row
password requests. On it and blocking. when locked
video input - it is impossible to connect the AV button, will be
write type video ban. You are formulated incorrectly.
You have no video signal passes. Reason hardware. Search by
external input to the circuit to 42 feet of the processor.
Conclusions should be 63 and 62 - switching one terminal AV, or
in the embodiment, AV1, AV2 - two. But they have an external switch
controlled by its presence in the chassis. If there is no switch
AV - these pins are not used, switching within the processor
occurs. If you reach 42 minutes of video, then, most likely, the processor change.
Case former, now called the hostess, she said that she had already
chip replaced by this unit, and everything worked.

* * *

Entrance to the service menu

START TV model: 1436f.

Ingredients: processor TDA9381PS / N3 / 2/1830 memory 24C08, personnel chip LA78040, sound AN17823A.
TV after the storm, sticking to the duty room. After a short survey denounced by +3.3 volts. It turned out, broken memory 24C08, set net, television started, but small size of the Nomination and ranges messed SLE.
You need to dial and menu code 8500.

* * *

* * *


Please help with entering the service menu SUPER SP-880 (Chassis v80)
Composition: MST717A-LF SLA4028F, memory 24c16AN. In the service did not come out for a washed-24s16. Login - holding the TV menu to connect and hold before the service.

* * *

* * *


and the
like. TFT TV 5 - 7 'ALL MODELS.


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