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[5] and [- / -], [5], [9], [T], [T], [4], [9]
In the application of the ordinary remote procedure following commands:
[5] and [- / -], [5], [9], [Stand-by], [Display on screen], [5],
[Volume +], [TV], [4], [9].
Then turn off the TV button on the front panel, wait
LED goes out, and TV reconnect. after
obliged image appears. Remove the jumper on the motherboard A,
geometry to make, if necessary - the white balance. then in
carry out a test command 27 (Destination = K). if after
2-3 attempts failed to reach
appearance of images, replace the memory chip, and make
adjustment. To avoid damage of repeated MS data memory
modify appropriate board A (see. Fig 7):

Sony 1

1. Put the resistor R304 and the transistor Q305.
2. Remove the capacitor C30.
3. Trim the track 5B - Track 8 MS002 Q305: 2SC2412K-T-146,
p / n 8-729-907-23
or p / n 1-247-855-91libo JC-501-1, p / n 8-729-907-23 R304: 10K
0,1 W, p / n 1-247-855-81.
These changes in the design of TVs made, starting with the head.
4046344 (KV-M2540K) and the number 40003101 (KV-M2541K).
In the event of a defect in a similar re
already transformed the machine you need:
1. Change the memory chip IC002: p / n 8-759-277-89.
2. Place the processor version later IC001: p / n
8-752-862-91 / 3.
Symptom: Different symptoms may occur:
Х no text: value "FAST BLK" on the menu has to be the service
01 instead of 00.
Х jumping picture: value "INTERLACE" menu service
required to be 00 instead of 01
Х Geometric distortion: Change the vertical size, etc.
Х recorded in the standby mode "Stand-by".
Cause: The software errors related to the menu replacement programs
("programme exchange").
Solution: Change the on-board A chip in accordance with the
Table 6.

Table 6
Sony 2

Symptom: when viewing dark scenes pictures from the video input or
through tuner
in the upper part of the screen is distinguishable uniform illumination, brightness


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