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The TV uses video processor type of LA76810A,
TB1238 and central control processor species: LC863324A,
LC863320A, LC863332B, LC863328A.
Entrance to the service menu: There are a few buttons on the remote
hidden. To reach them, the top film must
peel. For entry - exit the menu service is used
button is written as (PROD). Management VOL-, VOL +, CH +, CH-.
Menu has three submenus with extensive settings.

* * *

enter the service menu TV Super General SG-S2175.

Ingredients: Processor TDA 9381PS / N / 3/2/1830. Memory 24S08.
Tuner UVC68K5VEA. Manpower chip TDA8174W. bp
on D1710.C3807 assembled. Chassis (inscription on the board) PX20056-9C BE21Z75C.
TV functions, but does not switch to AV if
put the memory clean, then switches to AV, but no sound.
Login to the service MENU 8500. Approached option first. after
enter the service menu, with the numbers of buttons can be remote
on the other sections of the menu there. In my case Menu1
There was a point at 255. AV Config changed to three.

* * *

LCD TV SUPER SP-928, the Service menu

Ingredients: CS 9855 microprocessor; 24s16 memory; Video TW 8806
Entrance to the service menu: Push "MENU" and apply power. Appears after 5-7 seconds.

* * *


HT-555-26LAS5904 (chassis?) On the motherboard, processor LC863332B
(52S6 3J06). Control without identification marks on the remote scarf
two inscriptions: YX7253-1 and HT-001.
Entrance to the service menu: Volume removed at 0, holding
VOL - on the unit, press the button on the remote RETURN (to previous
return channel).
first time - FACTORY
the second time - B / W ADJUST
third time - ADJUST, section on how sub-divided - between 0
Switching between points MUTE button on the remote control. connection
SECAM on the seventh page.

* * *

TFT LCD SUPER SP-80 chassis V80-TV-2.

Ingredients: processor STK6005, MTV312MV64, STK6014.
Login required service menu. Mirror image on the screen (from left to right reversed). In the menu to the translated point Rotation does not respond. Button on the remote no Rotation. The hidden key in the console does not respond too. I believe that the turn of the picture can be connected to the service.


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