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  • Or logic level on the loop to the "glass".

With the connector on the matrix on the main board on the two pins fit MTV312MV64, one for food, the other on the STK6005.
Looking for datasheet STK6005, with nothing like it does not get to flip the image. Consequently, two outputs that go to the CPU? In one of these five volts to zero at the other.
Raised the level of zero to five, and all is well.

* * *

Mini LCD unit SUPER-675

, entry into service?

MSD-668 chassis, the video processor LA76810A, protsessorLC863328D memory 24C08.
Tried 3, 14 pins console does not fit. Under the plate there are two hidden buttons "+ test and test" program translates in a strange manner.
Entered, 2 and 15 are peremknulo.

* * *



processor S3F880AXZZ-AQBA, video processor TB1238ANG, memory 24C08. need firmware or the Service menu. Since there was a neat configuration memory for programs and small horizontal dimension.
By, the way, can and with a clear memory, the processor writes its own, however, then the menu to install all necessary. If anyone is curious, the entrance to the service menu Power, then mute, then the call, then timer, and finally, the button zmeechka arrow.


(China), the Service menu.
Ingredients: memory-24C16, processor - CH08T0606 8821CSNG5BE5, audio processor -TA1343, HR - LA78040, ULF -TDA8944J.
1) up to the sound smaller.
2) Press MUTE on the remote control and hold, and then push the MENU button on the front panel (while pressing does not fit).
Log out of service - disconnect the TV.

* * *


Entry into service: press MENU, again MENU, then
Q.VIEW, and finally MUTE. Navigate through menu pages - button
SLEEP. Get out of the service - button MENU.

* * *

TV Supra ST14CZ15S,

- LC863332B-53W3. The video - LA76810A, Remote
YKF-51N. Analog channel selector. The scheme is similar to
3Y01shassi, but the position of the details do not match.


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