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TV SUPRA S-29SL10. 5Y19 Chassis.

Enter the service mode: with remote native - a key hidden. entrance
with universal MACa: Code-1111, the Service menu by pressing 2.
Use the code -1401-control device.
Below are listed all service options.

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TV Supra ST14CZ15S.

Processor -
LC863332B 53W3,
The video - LA76810A, Remote Control YKF-51N, analog selector
The scheme is akin 3Y01shassi, but do not match the position of the elements.
Enter the service mode. Remote disassemble. Jumper 2 feet and
14neskolko times.
Switching submenu in the service - button ZOOM.

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Apparatus Supra STV-LC2604W.

Enter the service
On TV operating pressure on the remote control: Mute, then Menu, then sound
there choose Balans, enter (ok) (college ruled that shone
balance) and to quickly dial 3138.
In the menu, the service has a choice of the panel, with negative
non-compliance will be.

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The unit SUPRA STV-LC1522W. How to enter the service menu.

The unit SUPRA STV-LC1522W (unknown chassis). production
- Kaliningrad. Liquid crystal. As the service
enter the menu? As the menu brightness red reduce
or color temperature change? In the main menu of the TV
this item is inactive. How to turn down the volume on the menu
original sound speakers?
Scheme is not on it. Power, where he signed on board, in
Normally there. Tuner taf6-c2i21vh not Google in the internet (not
know what to look for and what legs).
Sfotkal on board all the inscriptions, the chassis to know?
Under the hood tuner inscriptions found. On the second photo
the name of the output voltage and signed.
Interested VCC - 2.5 V and IF (without antenna) - "minus
0.1 V, "" minus 0.25 "with an antenna. AGC from 1.75 in the antenna. So it should be?
Description is not found on the tuner while.


Apparatus for SUPRA STV-LC1504WD entrance to the service menu


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