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performed a combination of the following - the volume to 0;
button "mute", then at the same time "menu" on the unit and the remote "menu".

* * *

TV Suzuki SC-2939SB, there is no sound.

Ingredients: processor 8897CPBNG6PN9, LA78045, DWE-8053-V tuner.
No sound, sound audio processor TA1343N there and lost there.
Prompt option in the service menu 8897CPBNG6PN9, including
audio processor.
Option MOD1 = A7.

* * *

The unit SUPRA ST 21AA260

, entry into service is required.
Processor 8821CSNG5BE5 CH08T0606 6TC LMU62.
TV is very similar to TACT and CHANGONG, number RC K18F-C33.
This Changhong was. Fastest, chassis CN-18. Entering the service menu should be similar to:

The volume set to 0, hold MUTE on the remote, push MENU button on tv.

* * *

* * *

TV STV-2113MK2, STV-1415.

Enter the service mode: need for four seconds
carry out the procedure
input. You need to press the TV key on your keyboard (VOL-) and the remote control following
sequentially. (Prog), (-), (TV). Press (PROGRAM DOWN),
choose Options, and change the value (VOL-), (VOL +). to
save the red button press.

* * *

TV STV-1414 / T, STV-2110.

Enter the service mode: implemented using the service
special remote control. Button (SVC).

* * *

TV STV-2905.

Enter the service mode: press the button (SERVICE) remote control.
The image will appear with the OSD (on-screen display) "Line
SVC ". After that, push the button (- / -) control.

* * *

TV STV-2119.

Enter the service mode: you have to press a button on the series
remote control.
(DISPLAY), then (MUTE), then (SLEEP), and (FUZZY).
Then when pressing the button (DISPLAY) produced
AGC control, and geometry, and the pressure-sensitive buttons SLEEP -
white balance.

* * *

TV STV-2129, STV-216 MULTI, CS-29A6HTR.

Enter the service mode: (ST.BY), then (MUTE), then (MENU),
and (POWER ON)


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