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TV CTV-2139.

Enter the service mode: When pressured the AV button on the panel
turn the TV's power and hold the AV button to
appearance on the TV screen the service menu.
Method two: jumper at 250-500 ms kontaktiki connector
service X 760.
The election of the options buttons P + or P-, the change in the VOL + or
Memorisation the TV remote.

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TV TATUNG: T32W440, T25 / 28N440, 440shassi,
Processor: SAA5297.

Entrance to the service menu:
1) Connect the TV using the network, holding
pressured the MENU button on the local keyboard panel until
until the red LED lights up.
2) Release the MENU button and push the STANDBY button on the remote control.
If output SCART connector 8 '+ 12V will be,
machine set to 1 or program mode AV1 will.

Initialize EEPROM memory:

  • In The event of a change EEPROM memory or processor control,

must perform the following steps:

  • Enter the service mode.

C button VOlUME + position INI CTV 831x activate
where x - version of the microprocessor.
The result - a version control processor will be shown, as well as
all data erased, the removal of bits options.

Adjustment of service:

  • election options buttons P +/-.
  • Volume Parameter values pressing VOLUME +/-.

Storing automatically, after leaving the service.

Also typical balance adjustments, geometry, AGC, there
the ability to adjust the following parameters:
-values Geometry parameters need to be set independently
The aspect ratio of 16: 9 and 4: 3.
EW16 need a parameter to the value set 3F.

  • Set The vertical geometry of the image to start with VS

parameter - the vertical linearity.

Video Channel Set (IFxxAFCxx) IF:
Installation Guide channel IF the label contains,
the left side of the main board. The operation in that case
is required
conduct when the TV is secured version N1 ICC2 chips and
core LC7, associated with this chip. In other cases,
(with no core LC7) The following data must be
set up:
AFC ...... 3
IF ...... 50


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