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Adjusting the second grid (Vg2 Test) CRT:
C Press P + Vg2 position to choose, you will be
horizontal lines on the screen.

  • Volume TDKS on accelerating the potentiometer set to

border visible emission lines.

  • nadavit VOLUME- button and wait a few seconds until the

again, the image does not appear.

Installation of control bits (Cox):

  • Kontrolnye Registries put on the following values:

Co ...... 00
Co2 ...... 96
Co3 ...... 27

Bytes options:

  • Byte options Op1, Op2 and Op3 need to install in accordance with the

version of the device, following the guidance (see. sticker in the unit).

Adjusting the parameters A2 (LA / SA) stereo decoder:

  • Podat Input device stereo A2sistemy.
  • Disconnect modulation in the left channel and adjust the parameter LA

so as to achieve the signal amplitude at terminal 1,4V SCART 1
SA is a parameter thus adjusted to minimum was
signal level listening.
In the absence of the generator, the parameter necessary to LA
01ustanovit value and the parameter SA - on 0B value.

A luminance signal delay adjustment:

  • postavit delay the luminance signal to the signal on the bearing on them

color depending on the standard received:
Ys ...... 30 (SECAM)
Yp ...... 18 (PAL)
Yo ...... 22 (SCART)
Yn ...... 20 (NTSC)
Showing transmission in the NTSC system is permissible only for low frequency through
connector SCART.
Get out of the service: to press TV on the remote control.

* * *

TV TCL type TC1632TV, M66 (M68) chassis.

Mikrorotsessor: TDA12062H / N1F00, HR: STV9302, Sound:
Power supply: TDA16848, FBT: BSC 25-0252T Memory: 24C32.

Entering the service menu:

  • Holding the TV button on the panel (V-) to remove the volume

and, without releasing it, push button three times "CAPS" on the remote.
in the service menu. Then, on the remote numeric keys elect
value and volume adjustable. Get out of the service - a button on the
remote AV / TV. The unit does not start with a clean memory.

* * *

TV TCL21E20S - M66 chassis (M66S).



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