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TDA12062H / N1F00, Sticker: V8-T00M68 13M34,
IC KR - STV8172, EEPROM - 24C32, HOT - 3DD1556, TDKS - BSC
25-0252T, Key UPS - SK3115, PWM IC - TDA16846-2P, Tuner -
Fault: The color of the PAL system is no sound and fully
All of the CM is restored. Hold (V-) panel TV
before retracting to "0" volume, and its hold, press three times
remote button "CAPS". Included in the service menu. Further, the remote
digital buttons, select a group of values and volume
adjustable. Get out of the service - a button on the remote AV / TV.
Enter the service mode (see. For the link), press the numeric key
remote "8". A list of OR01 ... OR10 options. OR06 is elected and
The uppermost line DCXOMUX is listed on the contrary P3DCXO
set and there is a color in the PAL system immediately.
To activate the UOC on the findings of this audio is not an option
but only one row below the sink to the QSS and opposite the "QSS Amp not
active "set. Other lines (option) - no change.

M66 chassis title = "M66 chassis">
The photo shows how the option must be properly exposed OR06.

* * *


. There is no sound.
The chassis will not say. ULF right. No adjustments from the processor. Insert a blank memory, the sound seemed. But we need a lot when corrected. Advise the Service menu or firmware may work who toss.
Processor 8821CRNG5JB02 TCL-A30V02-T0.
Power supply transistors.
TV V- on the remote, press display, then buttons 0-9, in order to temporarily get out of the service, or change the program on the remote pic. / Del
CHASSIS M-28, and other firmware that is no good, that's for sure - it is checked.

* * *

Apparatus techline lcd tv973d, the entrance to the service menu.

You must move at least sound in D \ K, if possible, if and SECAM. Chassis JV-TV706BA, processor MST726A LF, radio chip TDA9886.
Entrance to the service menu control MAK2000, enter the code 1312, the "2" button "7" turns the pages, there SEKAM D \ K.


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