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Service mode TV TECHNICS XT-21A5T (CI)

Processor TDA 9381PS / N2 / 1I1198
Strochnik - BSC25-N3604QB
Sound- TDA 7057AQ
Tuner - ENV59D68F1
Manpower - TDA 8356

The board inscription: GUW 7.820.607-6
The child began to play with the remote control - then the sound at a maximum and is not changed. Everything else works.
Tell us how to get into the service menu of the box.
Entrance to the service menu - press on TV INSTALL two buttons on the remote control from Philips, the on-screen service information arises.
Then the native distance from Bush to pressure Pr +, to choose the desired option in the service menu, push Gr + / Gr to change the value.

Sound is located in the third option OPTION:
bits here b7 b6 b5 b4 b3 b2 b1 b0
b4 - Sound D / K (East Europe)
b5 - the sound of B / G (Western Europe)
b6 - sound I (England)
b7 - sound M (US)

If the service menu to connect multiple standards, then the settings menu there additional item selection sound.

Exit the service menu with TV / DVD.


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TV TECHNO TS-LCD-3205. Entrance to the service menu

Ingredients: Matrix T315XW01, scaler MST6151A, processor TDA12063H1, inverter
Apparatus with distorted sound came on several programs.
Correct standard costs. When the signal improves sound
kind of. I want AGC "twist", but the entrance to the service menu can not find.
Should press MENU and dial the code 1147.

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TV Telestar PT-92,

TDA9353PS / N1 / 2L0248 TDA9353W1 TELRA, memory 24LC16B, PAL, BG,
geom.est, teletext is.
Entering the service menu: "SUB-PAGE" (TXT clock) on the remote and
TV on the "Volume -".

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TV TELESTAR 21 "chassis PT92.

Ingredients: Processor TDA9875A, memory 24C16, TDA9353PS.
Original remote control not applying IRC-81328. Performs all operations, in addition to entering the programming mode programs.
In long-term keeping to the I button appears on the screen OVERVIEW, and you are done. After lengthy attempts yet jumped into the programming mode, but it happened only once.


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