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service in
mode "Run", respectively, the values of all the menus of service
equal to 0.
I do not recommend it with a clear memory include, as the process
TV settings are extremely heavy and time consuming.
Entering the service menu: with remote staff: Volume set
holding it, press the fast on CAPS three times, get out of it:

* * *

TV THOMSON 21DCH61KG (M61shassi).


  • TDA12060H \ N1F00 CK1797 SH5031.1 17 ZSG0748 N1F, Quartz -

Memory - 24S16WP, IF filter - K2966M, Tuner - TEDE9-284B
Key UPS - K2645, Frames - STV8172A, TPI - BCK-4038 36TRF020-AX5,
PWM - TDA16846-2P, MUSIC - D1556, picture tube - A51ERS357X440,
TDKS - 37-FBAT04-CAA0A BSC-25-0252T, OS - AT7400 \ 10 05061EA07496.
Entering the service menu: TV THOMSON 21DCH61KG:
1. throw the TV in standby mode.
2. Press TV network disconnect
3. Press the TEXT on
4. TV
connect the AC button while holding the button on the TEXT, to
appearance of the image.
5. Press "1" - "9" switching service adjustments
6. get out of the service: Press "OK" button on the remote

* * *

TV THOMSON 21NF3S - NX59 chassis.

TDA11136PS / N3 / 3 August CR2885 2TRF25155.1
Sticker on the processor: V8-NX59AP2-TMV616, remote - R166E.
Entering the service menu: press "menu", contrast,
9735vybiraem, exit - turn off with the remote control.

* * *

TV Thomson 42WS90E (plazma).

Enter the service mode by holding down the vol + and vol-, network
button to connect.

Apparatus TJT53TTS502D. M4 chassis.

Suitable control
Funaya S2100PF entirely. Enter the service mode: -switch
service menu - exit from the service menu - bridging on
SC7461-103 in the remote terminals 2 and 16. The service is set to
image options from Funai S2100PF.

* * *

TV Thomson 21U12, enter the service menu.

Composition: 3P66E-sm chassis.
In the service menu was subsequently ruled by pressure


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