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buttons MENU, Q.VIEW, P.P. on the remote control.

* * *

enter the service menu on the Thomson 21DP135KG.

TV Thomson 21DP135KG, microprocessor TDA9554 ... / 1575.
The fourth line AET1385.
Need to be transferred from the control mode STAND BY, then disconnect the TV from the panel, push and hold the TEXT button on the remote and then connect the TV to the panel.

* * *

* * *


Entering the service.
Chassis - M68.

Processor - TDA12062H / N1F00
Sticker - V8-0000M68-TM3V417
Memory - 24C32WP
Log in to the service with regular remote control: volume put on "0", holding her, just press on «CAPS» three times, get out of it: «EXIT» - «TV / AV».

* * *

Entrance to the service menu of TV THOMSON 21DMB06KH

It is necessary to adjust the picture on the chassis spotted two inscriptions
40-EMC009-MAD1XG, ETC009.
Processor TDA12070H N1F00.
Entrance purple button, and certainly in the duty room before that - is to come out: rezet and all is well.

* * *

TV THOMSON, ETC009 chassis

- does not get out of the service menu.

Delivered with violations of geometry, got into the service menu via the blue button on the remote network and buttons on the unit, all adjusted and pressed the button OK, transferred to the standby mode, turned off from the network.
Connected to the operating mode, all the good shows, but when pressing a button tehmenyu okay there, with software version shows the error, etc. Perhaps you need to go in a different way, the truth, I did not think how, or is the problem, but when delivered, this certainly was not.
Realized rezet in the service menu and everything will come out. Either clean the memory to establish himself sew. As soon as you get out of the service, press exit, then approx.
I probably when not pressed, and therefore could not get out, if anyone is curious, because you need to - reset - + zoom, then make all the necessary adjustments, and press ok and everything.


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