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I just produced a reset through OK, and because it was impossible.

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Entrance to the service menu THOMSON 14MH10C

, the volume is not

Scale lights (to zero) the volume does not change. As in the service menu to remove the lock sound.
Firmware covered. Alter the programming. The second question - why ... Service menu: disable in the duty room. disconnect from the network, wait for repayment of the LED. Push and hold the button on the purple button - to connect to the network. Purple button hold until there is appropriate inscription.

* * *

TV Thomson 14ML110G

entrance to the service menu.

Cover with memory problems and now with the geometry vertically.
You must be transferred to the remote mode STAND BY, then turn off the TV panel, press and hold the TEXT button on the remote control again to connect the TV from the front panel.

* * *


Composition processor ST92T195D7B1 220AH MLT22613, memory 24C16, video processor STV2246C, TDA7267, personnel TDA8174A, Channel selector EWT-5F3T43-E27W-1
Split Transformer BCS-25-N1677.
Chassis probably, HD2
Tools needed for the refined DK, the impression is that abnormally
put option by the sound mono / stereo.
Amiss version of RUBIN 72FDS109. Press button Menu, a menu image, then the code 6483.

* * *


, the entrance to the service menu.

STAND BY - with remote. 2.Otklyuchit network button. 3.Priderzhivaya button on the remote control teletext (pale blue) - to connect the network. 4. After connecting TV, release and press the button again, the teletext.

Either way:
Turn off the TV remote control in the ST-BY, then disable button. On the panel to hold the "Magenta (text)" and connect button. Holding the "Magenta (text)" before the menu.

* * *

TV THOMSON 29DX25ES, ICC17 Chassis

, how to get into the service.

Disable TV in STAND BY with the remote control. Disconnect the TV network button. LED goes out. Holding the button PR (-) and VOL (-) on the front of the TV at least 8-15 seconds to connect the TV network button.


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