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The cause of the defect found itself damage bit reload
chip IC002
memory board A - ST24C16CM1TR / A (9-759-277-89).
To eliminate the defect initially must try
memory chip to restart it without change.
To put it on the board and the bridge by wires
pin 9 CN001 connector associated with the common wire (if
placement fees
receding contact angle up in the second row is considering
ranks below
upwards and contacts the left to right). Then, using the remote transmit
commands, pressing the buttons in the sequence shown in Fig. 1.

Sony 4

After that, turn off the TV button on the front panel and its
when the LED zamolknet. Then include a TV. after
seconds is required to receive the image. If this happens,
if necessary
unit is turned off, remove the jumper, and turn it on again
raster geometry and white balance. Then, in the test mode
command serves TT 27.
If, after two or three attempts fails to achieve the appearance
change will have a memory chip IC002.
To avoid secondary defect and the probability of failure
bring changes in the apparatus according to the scheme in Fig. 7 where line
presented anew mounted parts and crosses elements
removed and crossed connections.

Sony 5

To make modifications in the correction of the raster, and white balance
model parameters of these devices are included in the service menu and
it, to take appropriate steps:
1. include TV.
2. MENU enter commands from the remote filing by press buttons in
sequence shown in Fig. 3.
3. crush button MENU.
4. The green or red button remote elect chip
TDA8366-1 or TDA8366-2.
5. Enter the chip by pushing the white button.
6. Elect parameter green or red button on the tab. 1 or
Table. 2
respectively chips TDA8366-1 or TDA8366-2.
7. changes its setting with the "+" and "-" relating to the MENU.
8. Get out of the MENU mode by pushing the button twice.


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