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9. Adjustments are stored in a mode TT: code 16 recruit, screen
designation appear TT16, after two seconds the installation made
be a memory chip.
10. The TV switches off.
In this work with the likes of TV models ends.
Table 1
BIT ITEM Appointment
03 H SHIFT horizontal shift
04 H SIZE Horizontal Size
05 PIN AMP Pillow (average portion of the raster)
06 CORN PIN Pad (on the edges of the raster)
07 TITL vertical correction
08 V LINEAR Linearity (lower part of the raster)
09 V SIZE Vertical Size
0A S CORR Linearity (upper part of the raster)
0B V CENTRE Vertical Alignment
0D HWB GREEN Green Balance
0C HWB RED red Balance
0E HWB BLUE blue Balance
10 BRIGHT Brightness
11 COLOUR Color saturation
Table 2
BIT ITEM Appointment
0A END TRACK Narrow / wide image
0F Y DELAY vertical correction

* * *

Also analyze the methods of entering the service menu
TV models
shown, by SONY uses its machines more
Several methods.
The most common of these are combined with switching
(or switching)
TV in standby mode. Then on the remote, the corresponding
models available, crush buttons in sequence the following: ON
"5", VOLUME "+", TV. From the output mode by pushing the button "0" two
times. This method of controllable TVs:
a) in the case of using the remote RM-833: KV-M2540;
KV-C2171D / K / KR, KV-C2173B / E,
on CHASSIS BE- 3B; KV-C2508D / E, KV-C2503B / E, KV-2501A / D / K,
KV-C2509B / D / E / K;
b) when using the remote RM-836: KV-M2171, KV-M1440, KV-M2101;
KV-2180, KV-2540, KV-2170, KV-2181KR on CHASSIS BE-4; KV-29X1A /
D / E / K / A / B / L / R / U
on CHASSIS BE-5; KV-16WT1A / K / R / U;
c) when using the remote RM-839: KV-29X1A / B / E / K / L / D / R / U on
Similarly, the method consists in the service menu of devices with remote controls,
several other designations buttons. Also, in standby mode,
gaining adequate
a combination of them: DISPLAY, "5", VOLUME "+", POWER. so run
KV-S29RN1 / 34RN1 on CHASSIS G1 with remote control RM-821;
, KV-T21M1 / MF1 / MN1 / MN11, KV-G21M1 / P1 / S11KV-T25MF1 with remote control


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