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. In standby mode, set the TV and press the button on the remote in sequence befitting ON

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Login to the service at Sony made in two ways. In that model, which one, I do not remember myself, but one of them will work for sure. In this way:
1. The network disconnect. Press and hold on the face of P + and P- buttons.
Hold the network to connect. Hold until the screen appears. Top right is required to be greens TT -. If not, try another option.
2. Set the TV to standby display (in standby mode). On the remote consistently push 'Display', '5', 'Vol +', 'TV'.
After such a procedure is required to be at the top right of the green
TT -.
If after pressing the five heard the TV is on (high-rustling), something or done something wrong, or if you want to operate under option 1. If the specified greens does not appear, the same thing.
Note for the illiterate (can not read smart): 'Display' - this button on the Sony, usually marked with a rectangle with rounded corners with a plus sign (+) inside and close to the button that is there is usually a question mark (?) In green.
'TV' - button is indicated as a rectangle with rounded corners.
Nor within a rectangle or circle button - nothing.
Now nuances:
Usually, once in service, rather push button 'MENU' button on the remote and you find yourself in the service menu. But some models do not get so easy.
Nuance №1: AE-2, AE-2A, 2B AE-Chassis.
Call up the menu, you must descend to the lowest point, marked as 'Demo'. In this mode, the user really demosh, but if the upper right shine TT -, this entry into the service menu.
Nuance №2: The chassis AE-3 (100 Hz)
Menu service is invoked at the command TT01. In general, if you are in the 100 hertz TV was in the service mode, but you can not find the menu, the caveat to you and dashed off.
Nuance №3: The chassis BE-3D.
Login to 2 variant. But, it is seen at the documentation and do not reflect that this procedure (option 2) must be carried out three times in a row. TE - Run, do not seen TT - anew in the standby display and more. And so on, until you see the cherished TT -. And then the 'menu' and forward to the tanks.


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