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Nuance №4:
For option 2. Sometimes there is no button 'TV' on the remote. Then, instead it is necessary to press 'POWER' (green). By the way, in such Telecom service menu is not, and do not look. Everything is green, everything is abbreviated (such as VSP - Vertical Shift ...), with no experience (or documentation) do not understand (the first time).
And management here is somewhat different. The '1' and '4' - a movement in the parameters, and the '3' and '6' - a change in the parameter list. Well, another feature of this service - to configure produced preserved, asks confirmation of their 'MUTE', '0'.
That's not bad, sausage it can be on everyone, but in order to get back to the original settings, enough off-incl.
Nuance №5:
Individual adjustment of individual chassis operate only when submitting the PAL signal. Navskidku remember chassis FE-1 "Tsenrtrovka horizontal" and "color component Latency" chassis BE-3D. Maybe even some there, I came across these here.
Nuance №6: The chassis AE-4 (100Hz)
May come across the situation is such that most of the menu items are pale and unadjustable.
To make them available, must be translated into "fashion Productions' team TT62, return to the" Service mode "command TT61.

* * *

There is such a thing. In chassis FE-1 if TT99 gain, output will be the fault monitor. There will be shown that the error and how many times it is observed. The monitor can cause errors and a different method: work on option 2 input mode service, but instead of 'Vol +' push 'Vol-'. Reset plate TT80 team can.
It is useful to do after the repairs, if something happens to trace the emergence of new fault (or older, if not eliminated all).
In chassis AE-5 monitor error is caused by TT33.
There is a mode service and BE-2 chassis (this type TVs M2151, M2100, M1400), but it can get a special remote control service. But there are no settings there is almost, except the provisions of average operational settings and ask the entrance to it only in case of change of mind.


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