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Fortunately, in these boxes, it does not fly prakticheski.Nu, if you want strong, then: Service control can be prepared from individual staff. Cheapest of Godyaev - this RM-836 and RM-839.
They go with the apparatus chassis BE-3D (29X1, F3, F1, etc.). For the processing necessary to open the console. There are approximately in the middle of the board, jumper stands, apparently as a chip resistor.
Near to it there is the contact area under the bridge like. So, you must jumper available to another location to rearrange. To which I do not remember, but there are only a couple of options. If you guessed the position of the jumper, the button switch the format will be cherished cause bukovki TT -.
If anyone has something to add to this, the soap write for a private, one will add a bunch.

* * *

service for Sony TV remote control RM-932.

Remote RM-932- can make the service without disassembly. For this:
1.Nadavit button VCR / TV / DVD, so that the LED TV lights up.
2. Push and hold the yellow about 5 seconds until the flashing TV.
3. Enter 99999. illuminate all three svetodiodika. Remote service has become.
4. In order to return it to normal, it is necessary to make steps 1 and
2, and enter 00000.
To raise the service menu, you have to push video standby dvazhdy.Udachi. Just do not smash anything there, if you do not comprehend some items, touch tone better. In general, it is best to consult your nearest SP SONY.

* * *

In SONY - «Chinese» (8873CSCNG6U21).

Microprocessor: TOSHIBA-HAY-23 8873CSCNG6U21, quartz ZQ - 8MHz, memory EEPROM - 24C08, UPS 3u01 similar chassis (trehtranzistorny "Chinese"). Works with RC 54V3 type.

Entering the service menu:
1. remove the volume to "0"
2. simultaneously on the keyboard of the local "VOL-" and press on the remote control DISP (a rectangle with a "+").
Ourselves in a mode FACTORY
3. Once again we press DISP and find ourselves in the sub-B / W BALANCE.
4. Once again we press DISP and find ourselves in the submenu F1.


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