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Briefly clarify the procedure for interaction circuits connected together on a digital bus. For example, consider a structural diagram of the control unit of the company CK3373TR SAMSUNG.
In this model, the system configuration and management used microcontroller type SZM-137 company ZILOG (or SPM-151/153/161RV company PHILIPS).
The microcontroller controls the SZM-137 video processor M52309SP, adjusting values such as delayed AGC, contrast, brightness, saturation, image size in the vertical alignment of the image horizontally and vertically, the vertical slope, etc.

Chip non-volatile memory (EEPROM) type H24S04R is within the desired setting data, there is still data to be entered by the user on the remote control or the TV.
Each chip is combined with I2C bus interface and has an identification or slave address (slave address). Any device can be used as a transmitter or as a receiver. In this case, the chip will transmit the lead, and the host - slave.
Immediately after turning on the unit and the onset of a general reset starts programming chip video processor, after all the initial data and setting the constant central controller pulls out of non-volatile memory and transfers the chip video processor.

After START signal microcontroller makes the 7-bit slave address of the chip. This can be a chip video processor, which is necessary to transfer the setting data after the machine. Behind him is the eighth bit (R / W), which says, sending or receiving data byte will be followed.
Low-level signal is "On" means the transmission, and high level of "1" - receive. In our case, the microcontroller sets the "zero" for information transfer video processor.

After receiving confirmation of information is the "A" video processor (slave) and then goes subaddress desired functional unit (contrast control AGC, brightness, saturation, etc.).
Then comes the acknowledgment from the slave, and then comes the actual data, for example, the AGC.
After recording the data byte subaddress is automatically increased by one, passing the following setting data.

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