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DF / DD / DN / DS
1. (MUTE)
2. Again (MUTE) Press and do not let
3. Press (MENU) on the TV
On TV, where the MENU button is not present, the front has a small hole in
button sought - match press.
Connecting signal test: Push the Service => for
The introduction of self-diagnosis: the Service (9) push
remote. Self-diagnosis and discovered the menu is all there is clear.
Memory initialization: In the press service (CHANELL) and
(CALL) in
the same time. Exit: POWER OFF

* * *

Chassis - 5N11,

to remove a key, it is necessary to disassemble the console and look
elasticized, is there a button without a layer of graphite, which is one and a
key and
removes. Geographically, it is - the second row of buttons below the oval 3
or 4
button on the left. I do not remember.

* * *

TV TOSHIBA 21N21B2, DC included.

Ingredients: Control Processor MBI195C70ECF012B, video STV2246H.
The device was brought from abroad, TMC572D chassis (attached photo)
Help turn the sound (DC), SECAM - is. With Monitor
Download Firmware, so do not start with her.

Grant: INIT 07 62, INIT 0A F3, INIT 09 5E.
IF Filter K2955M replaced. All failed.

* * *

TV TOSHIBA 42CV500PR, as the initialization when done.

Ingredients: V28A000718C1 (feeder), LG420WXN (panel) .V28A000710B1. CT-90288 remote.
The service became stereotyped: mute and mute with the menu on the machine.
Next on the remote CT-90288 CALL button there. Search on an Internet
I did not give anything. Problem: with color and there is no pun reception
with the input of the antenna. Although official infa normal.
Initialization made: Button dispi + and CH +.

* * *

Need the Service menu

Toshiba 20SLDT1.

Ingredients: CPU - MST718BU-LF
Turn POWER on.
Press the button up + down, then left + right + TV menu and input enter "button on the remote to enter the service menu.


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