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TV Toshiba 29D3XR

, the service
mode is not included. Ingredients: S9ES chassis processor M37222M6-088SP
Coglasno service manuals:
1. mute button on the remote
2. mute second time
3, mute button on the menu and TV simultaneously.
I tried and delayed and quickly - it is useless.
All proper-symbol lights up for the third time mute, and then press menu. (My mistake - pressing considered).

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Ingredients: processor TDA15451HV / N1B00, HY5DU281622FTP-4, R2A15106NP, TDA8891H1 / N1B, TDMS341A.
What the letter "M" is in the top right corner of the screen, and how to get out of this mode?
Enter the menu with the remote control. In the settings turn off the Panel LOCK, the unit will restart.

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TV Toshiba 29A3R

how to enter the service mode?
Ingredients: 3KR6 87CM38N-processor, memory 24S08.
S1ES chassis. After the change is necessary to adjust the geometry of Oski,
Push the button on the remote MUTE
2. Again, press MUTE on the remote
3. Do not releasing the button MUTE, press the button on the front panel MENU.

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Can not enter the service menu TOSHIBA 2812DS

TOSHIBA 2812DS. Microprocessor tung CXP80424-144. It is necessary to enter the service menu - adjust the white balance, picture tube sel.Nashel little information on the internet - holding the button (F), send a command from the remote control (AV).
Then immediately dial the code 1048. When typesetting on the screen seem digits 1048 white color. A few seconds later there the letter M in the right corner. By pressing and keeping to a button (F) push button (9) to begin the test. By pressing the button and keeping to (F), press the button (2), turns off the screen but the sound remains.
By pressing the button and keeping to (F), push button (Z), to see the show features TV settings from the position 16 to 43 (it is necessary to change the position by press buttons (z). Will increase if the button to do this (S), the position will diminish. Nothing vyhodit.Poproboval other varianty--


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