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1. (MUTE).
2. Again press (MUTE) or vytpuskat.
3. Press (MENU) on TV, where there is the MENU, has come a little hole in which the desired button - push the match. Connecting test signal: In the service push => on the remote. Connecting self-diagnosis function: In the service menu, press (9) on the remote. Self-diagnosis display appears and everything is clear. Initialize memory: In the service menu, press (CALL) and (CHANELL) into one at the same time.
It is necessary to press F on your TV and AV on the remote control and all functions. I constantly tried to console F + AV.

* * *


, service mode No DK

TV delivered from Germany. Chassis BEKO, microprocessors SDA 5550 A14, VPC3230D, audio processor MSP3440G ....
In service mode (9301) I do not see the list of available systems.
The main menu is not available DK, it turns out, there is only the sound of the low frequency input.
There are two options on the chassis Beko L2 and Beko L5 this model 20VL33G, in these embodiments, a computer chip SDA5550-A14, but with different software.

The service mode switch has potential systems.
For chassis L2 entry into additional submenu in the service menu by press buttons colored red, green, blue.
For chassis L5 entry into additional sub-menu in the service menu by press the button OK.

* * *


, the entrance to the service menu.

The structure of the device includes: a processor MN101E04GAC SMD, memory 24C32 DIP,
Tuner ENV59DA7G3 (39,204) TDKS TFB4159AY (JCIV).
Push the MUTE, then again while MUTE MENU on the muzzle.

Service menu plasma TV TOSHIBA 42WP66R

(Vol.- on the TV) + (0,1,9 or 6 on the remote) to press simultaneously for two seconds.

Projection TV Toshiba 50D8UXR

, enter the service.

After changing STK392-110 needed correction information.
To begin with, information is available in the user menu and this usually suffices. A service entrance is the same as in the rest of Toshiba. Mute, Mute, and panel menus.


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