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TV Toshiba Z13B

- gone meter range.

Toshiba 28Z13B, who arrived from England.
In short, the TV gone meter range and standards BG DK. Get into the managed service mode on the type toshibovskoy scheme, but it does not give as where and what to change, I do not know.
A short list of accessories bring further:
Chassis Z13B. Processor SAA5563PS / M3 / 0429 memory 24S16 unit SLE TEDB7-205A, video processor TB1251CN.
Change tuner required in the channel will need to put sborochku to move from 6.0 MHz to 6.5 MHz.
The unit delivered from England, and the fact that there is no CF is a not a malfunction, and the factory setting.
I read on the forums on fixing Toshiba and such problems are not one me that TV from England no meter range that you can connect to the service menu of options (in this case, you probably need to change the tuner to another).
Entering the service menu of TV options, which are responsible for the connection of sub-bands and the standards of color and sound, I can not find it.
In such a Toshiba options (I want to say in the service mode) is much larger than in other TV if they are usually 20 - 30, then I say, about two hundred. I wrote all of that error not to do, but to determine exactly where I needed, it is impossible (and therefore was addressed to you for help).
Drop into the tuner turns tomorrow. P.S. The menu settings (settings) search software received with UHF band, which is also certifies the display on the TV screen, I mean, from 21 to 67.
First I looked at the tuner (even took a photo, but it did not send to the page), it is in the middle, almost empty. So, really, just SCM.
As for the processor - I thought he was having due to software connects or not the necessary range or mode, and then set the required additional components and all accepted work (afraid to fly on the headstock,
I figured you must first connect the VHF mode, and then look for the tuner). But you do not just inspired me, and pulled to the idea that the processor scans its own environment (the phone has bus I2C).


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