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It was only when he noticed a tuner-wave - then would start to search across the entire range. I suppose you're right, and a tuner, which I have available, will fit, and everything in the Toshka work. P.S. Here is the truth, I have not enlightened - Where can I find BG DK, and how to be with the sound ???
Finally, it earned! I set the tuner from Samsunga, and then seemed PROGRAM IS setting range from 1 to 141, and at the same time seemed locomotive selection standards BG DK I.
It turns out that after all the processor I2C bus checks the connected equipment and automatically switches the possible modes.
Yes I do, frankly, until recently thought that you must first connect to the service menu appropriate modes and then dopribavlyat neprisutstvii .Poluchilos components that are more affected TVs which do not have bus I2C.
However, hardly bus tuner says the number of sub-bands in it. Rather, at the all-wave frequency synthesizer circuits and UHF-unit different addresses on the bus.
The processor polling company, depending on which location he replied chip produces a conclusion how many bands it connect.
By the way, it would be interesting to try to modify the address of the chip installed in TEDB7-205A, a modification of the state of output 3 tuner (pin address).
The second and third legs tuners hanging freely, naturally, I have them, and do not connect. The tuner from Samsung to Toshiba went flawlessly, alone, the programs are set randomly MB.
SCR unit from Samsung: TAEL-G671D.

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on LC863332A-5Z51, remote control

  • 5Z51-902 (CD7461CO on IC) memory - 24CO8.

Entering the service menu: 2-16 feet CD7461CO (button hidden).
pressing the circle change: FACTORY - then B / W BALANCE
MENU 0 - TV. Translation ADJUST MENU (0 - 9) jumpering 3 - 15 pin.
Screensaver easily change any other, I'm on the "Monitor"
(Screensaver explicitly visible on the side).

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Entrance to the TV service Troni 14W12



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