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After the firmware (firmware is good, you can bet) padlock appeared on the screen, threw a second - too. How to reset the lock? Control processor LG 863532C. Prior to that, the magnitude of the HR was tremendous.
The video LA 76810A, memory 24S08.
Releasing the lock in these chassis - press and hold the remote control button DISP during 5-10 seconds. If there is no remote - mount clean mkroskhemu memory, let the TV, pull off and burn it with the initial line in the previous firmware (in staschennuyu IC) .... "
"... Removing lock - on the remote to press and hold the CALL almost a minute ....

* * *

Service mode TV TRONY T-CRT2100

In Control Panel, press VOL (-) to a value of 00, and, holding it, press on the remote control "DISPLAY" (green button - plus in the box.

* * *

Login to the service TRONI T-CRT 2100

, how to be?

Lower the vertical size you need. Processor 8821CPNG5VU5 of Toshiba China.
TMRA8821 or else AXXON.
Entering the service menu:

1. put the TV volume equal to "O" (certainly).
2. Hold the button "Vol -" on TV, press the button "DISP" button on the remote control.
3. In the top right corner shine bukvochki "S", and in the left corner lights adjustable parameter and its value.

Translation parameters is performed using the "P +" and "P", the modification of the parameters - Press "Vol +" and "Vol-", can be on TV, it is possible and on the remote control.

Exit service menu leaving modifications in parameters button "Stand-by" on the remote control.

* * *

Apparatus TVT TMT5507N model. Entrance to the service menu.

Ingredients: 24C16, TB1238BN, STRF6654, Z9023306PSC, LA7841. Block SLE DT5-BF14D
I can only add that the H-708V chassis.
Entrance to the service menu DISP, then MUTE, then SLEEP, FUZZY and then finally DISP,

* * *

TV Universum FT42230 entrance to the service menu? (Chassis E10)

Ingredients: microprocessor -SDA5550M, SDA9400, SDA9280, TDA8177.
Universum FT42230 chassis E10. How to be in the service menu? Tried TV-i-STOP, Menu-TV-i can not. No original remote. There MAK2000, TCM68349, Sony RM-VL900T, Philips SBC RU530U.


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