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Soviet RC7-2 remote button i
Still got. Control PHILIPS SBC RU 530U. The combination of TV-i-STOP. With eight times climbed.

* * *

TV Universum ft4275 E6 entrance to the service menu, the remote MAC.
Ingredients: processor TDA8366, sound processor MSP3400, SDA30C263, TDA8350Q, power supply TDA4605.
that correspond to the buttons on the Mac TV-i-STOP, after connection is provided for five seconds, tried, I tried and failed.
code 1292. Erase - Radio - Lnb remote MAS2000, when a configuration and geometry, no options.

* * *

TV URABRAND.mod.dct-1492.

unknown, "Chinese build" memory: 24c08, processor
TDA9370PS / N3 / A TSG 0430 3, PAL, NTSC 4.43, NTSC3.48-is,
The sound when activated. Entering the service menu:
"Uncivilized": programmer register cell 1D1- FF,
when you connect the unit enters the service mode.
Knopkami1-8 elect the menu page. Exit button I. Memorization
automatically occurs. In the absence of the original panel
You can use the MAC code 1264.

* * *

TV Vesta model DT 2126, the service menu?

Ingredients: CPU - MM37160MBH-081FP, memory 24S08, video processor - M61260.
Consistently tight MENU button on the remote and the plant code 6483 (direct access buttons to the program) - there is a red inscription "FAC".
Having made it as another time - fly in the "balance" again - there are options "geometry". Bust implement options button MUTE. To exit the service menu again dial "MENU" and the code 6483 (for processors M37160M8-081FP, M37160M8-064FPi M37160MA-210FP).

* * *

TV Vestel 11AK19P5.

Do not thrown ranges and settings there.

Not translated ranges and settings installed Analog net.Tyuner TECC2949VG28B, processor Vestel19V1.ONT.
So I dropped into a remote service, where sixty points, and at least from B0 B7 --- I need to know where to set 1 and 0. where I found the service guide to Rainbow 11AK19 for 51HH-84xx, however, it is not necessary .
The option was 0 7 B3, 1 set --- it worked.


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