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Ingredients: processor TDA11106PS / N3 / 3 (10.1207 sticker). RC-5 standard for SAA3010.
Closes pins 1 and 15, 3 and 9, respectively.
Also, 17 + 27 feet.


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how to remove password
Ingredients: processor ST6385BB1, video processor TDA8362
Chassis know ---- SM1.
Unlock the original TV remote control (IR GMS 30150 = SMD):
Solder two wires: one at terminal 4 and one at terminal 17. Switch
on wires or twice removed bolshe.Parol appear OSD. You can use the remote control M 3004LAB1 (SAA 3004P), but solder the wires on pins 2 and 18. This TV chassis SM 1

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TV Welltech model 40370

, E1 (BEKO)
chassis, single crystal TDA9345PS / N3 / 3/1736 P1HKG
CD 9173 BEKO - ME 1641 - A03, personnel chip TDA8357,
Memory 24S08AN (smd), PD 0403LP.
Entering the service menu: MENU and quickly dial 9301.

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inscription on
Chassis ZA4.190-12, microprocessor ST92195C7B1 / MBS, memory smd
24s08, video processor STV2246H, sound MSP3411G.
Entrance to the service menu: - jumpering legs 17 and 10 chips
remote control, and the same way.

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Xoro HST4300

TV proektsionnik Xoro HST4300, the entrance to the service menu.
Proektsionnik Xoro HST4300, how to get into the service menu? The necessary information to correct.
[Convergence] Convergence.
For the appearance of the functions necessary to Convergence:
1. With the help of buttons "down" and "up" cursor on the TV remote or by using the buttons CH + and CH on the front panel to place the cursor to "convergence".
2. Use the buttons "Right" cursor button on the device to move to the main dialog box function Convergence.
3. For enable automatic convergence, elect Show dialog line "AUTO" and press the "right" cursor control on the remote device, then wait the operation of automatic information-rays.
In electing the automatic convergence, told to implement further action is required


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