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4. To enable the manual convergence, elect Show dialog line "Manual" and press the "right" cursor control on the remote device to enter the information manually dialog box beams.
The dialog box Manual Convergence occupies the entire screen and the device consists of a set of nine reference points convergence, the list of commands (to restore the old settings, save the new values, the choice of blue and red, exit) management window, a crosshair reference ,.
Convergence needs to be done in any of the nine reference points, separately for beams of blue and red.
5.nadavite numeric button on the remote control unit corresponding to the number reference point. For example, press "5" to start the information rays in the center (number 5), the reference tochke.Prichem in the area corresponding to the reference point of reference crosshairs arise.
6. Push the MENU button on the remote control unit to select the rays of blue or red, which is necessary to accurately with the reference crosshairs svesti.Ezheli elected rays of blue, in this case the reference cross-hair is white.
If elected to the rays of red, in this case the reference crosshair becomes yellow.
7. If, after this outside line reference crosshairs will traces of red or blue (depending on the chosen colors rays reducible), it is necessary with the help of the cursor buttons "left", "right", "up" and "down" reduce or completely "hide" them for the reference crosshairs.
8. Play back the action in accordance PP5 7 for each of the nine reference points.
9. Push the RECALL button on the TV remote to store all changes, or "0" button to cancel all transformations.
10. Push the EXIT button on the remote control unit to enter the settings menu.

To connect FRONT PANEL HST 4300.

If you need the service menu, then this:
The RP4303, you can enter the setup mode S in accordance with the instructions as follows:
Reduce the volume to "0" and press the "Mute" button, at the same time, until the color of "Mute" button, repainted in yellow. Then press "Menu" button on the machine to appear in S mode.


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