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vityas (6622-2 / 6622-2M) 51 / 54CTV-6722,

MSH-90 chassis, SDA5521 A003 processor
Remote RC7-2. Button "I" - the entry / exit in the service menu.

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vityas TV 37CTV-6623T,

Chassis MSH-93S
Processor 1stroka TDA9381PS / N2 / 1I098D fourth
stroka.ver_1 * 1ru. SECAM - there; PAL - there; DG - there; DK - there;
Entering the service menu, or close the on-board service
points, or quickly press DISPLAY- then MENU- then MUTE-and
Last POW / ON.

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vityas 54 CTV 6643-2T MSH-93S

chassis, TDA9351PS / N2 / 1I0981 processor.
Close monitoring at the point of processing XN1.
From standby press on the remote control (DISPL), then (MENU), then
And then (POWER ON) return to menu button AV. Can

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vityas 51 / 54CTV-6722

Processor 555XFL
Login SERVICE - contact XN1 close near the processor.
Included in SERVICE with universal remote MAK 2002 maxi, 1310 code,
teletext with the button (i).
Button remote control button M vityas TV
Moodle complies DISPL RC-5. OK button remote vityas
SEL PIC corresponds to RC-5.
The voltage from the power supply is regulated in the SERV menu Techno>
TV> Options> + 110v

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vityas TV 54CTV 6643-4.

MSH-93 -
Chassis. SEKAM D / K, PAL, Cyrillic. Processor TDA9381PS / N2 / 1I0980
CB8859K3J088, memory 24C16.
Entering the service menu: 1peremknut checkpoints XN1
2: From standby mode, press on the remote staffing: DISPL,
then MENU, then POWER ON. Exit menu with storage
Settings: AV.

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vityas TV MSH-92S; MSH-73 chassis.

Enter the service mode:
1 way - on monoplate jumper checkpoints
Method 2 - standby mode, press the button on the remote - M, then
OK, and then MUTE ON.
Options menu service for tuners:
1. SCR 564E chassis MSH-92S
2. SCR 568E chassis MSH-73
* Codes are identical A1 92 34 01 4 February.

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vityas TV MSH-73m, the entrance to the service menu.


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